Movie Review: Deadpool by Boshy Deak ’16

Movie Review: Deadpool by Boshy Deak 16


When describing Marvel’s latest flick, many words come to mind, including “vulgar,” “lewd,” and “gruesome.” Simply put, Deadpool is unlike any superhero movie ever released. From the dropping of many f-bombs, to body parts being sawed off, and even some nudity, this film is not your typical family friendly feature. That being said, countless other phrases come to mind when illustrating Deadpool-playful, well-acted, and impeccably comedic.

        Deadpool tells the tale of Wade Wilson, a retired Special Forces operative living in New York City as a mercenary. When Wilson is diagnosed with various forms of terminal cancer, he volunteers for an experimental program leading to him gaining special abilities but also leading to horrible disfigurement. He then dons a red jumpsuit, declares himself “Deadpool” and sets out to exact revenge on the man who ruined his life. While this plot isn’t terribly original or innovative, it nonetheless captures the viewer, drawing them into Wade’s story.

        Deadpool is a notoriously offbeat hero. He is flippant, risqué, offensive, and sometimes downright unpredictable, all from which his signature humor is derived. Actor Ryan Reynolds captures the essence of the character luminously in his portrayal, while also adding many human qualities and dramatic moments to the hero and movie.

        The film’s brilliance and arguably its greatest asset is its humor. From the very beginning, it breaks the boundaries of the genre. Deadpool repeatedly breaks the fourth wall, speaking directly to the viewer, even going far as to referencing the movie theater itself. Countless other pop culture references and gags are employed, with many bordering on the verge of satire and parody.

        While at first glance, Deadpool may seem like a horrid and revolting film, it is anything but. With its incredible central character, acting, and humor, this film is one of the year’s best hero movies so far and one that should definitely satisfy any Deadpool or superhero enthusiast-And don’t forget to stay through the end credits to see one of Marvel’s best and most well-timed post-credits scene ever.