Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Jamie Lee Curtis- Everything Everywhere All at Once(EEAAO)

Correct Winner:Angela Bassett – Wakanda Forever

Look I get it, it’s Jamie Lee Curtis, she is a great and talented actress but this award should not be a handout for actors and actresses who have had a good career. Jamie Lee Curtis´ performance was great and wonderful and she fulfilled the role she was given, but her performance compared to others is just worse. She won this Oscar for two reasons: her name is Jamie Lee Curtis and she is associated with EEAAO. Angela Bassett’s character held so much more emotion and actually went through a significant amount of character development that Jamie Lee Curtis’ character was lacking. Her character does its job but it’s just simply not an Oscar worthy performance. Kenny Condon also delivered a better, more emotional performance that actually affected the movie and was more than just a silly side character. Not to mention she isn’t even the best supporting actress in her own movie, Stephanie Hsu delivered a stellar performance as the modern youth daughter and played an excellent role as the antagonist. I was also upset that Jamie Lee Curtis did not even recognize her fellow nominees in her acceptance speech. As beautiful as her speech was, it was more emotional than her performance in her movie. People should not get Oscars for having a good career of mediocre performances. If they want to do this, make a new legacy category instead of snubbing people who poured their heart and soul into their roles and were way more impactful to their movies.

Best Original Screenplay  

Winner : Everything Everywhere All at Once

Snub: Banshees of Inisherin


I feel like the academy saw the praise for Everything Everywhere All at once and without question decided it should win out every category regardless of the other films that were in it. It’s almost as if they wanted to show that EEAAO was a powerhouse of a movie and wanted the press to see this. The Banshees had one of the best screenplays of the past decade and it was completely robbed. This category is not about which one was the better movie or which one you like more, it’s about which one was written better and the banshees are leagues better. It’s so good it can be interpreted in several different ways and has so many core themes and so much to unpack. It’s a detail that EEAAO is just missing, there is so much history and emotion in Banshees so much value. It’s truly a shame this film won no awards and was completely overlooked at the Oscars. It’s really sad and I think people in the future will look back on this and realize the massive robbery that this is. Martin Mcdonaugh is a master of her craft and created a beautiful story with so much significant writing that is so intricate and complex. EEAAO was a great screenplay but nowhere near the complexity and attention to detail of The Banshees of Inisherin