The Wizard of Oz Back in Theaters… Is It Worth The $18 Dollar Admission?



Joseph Milcinovic ’15
There is a new edition of The Wizard of Oz coming out on September 20. In IMAX 3D, The Wizard of Oz has been revamped and remastered and for $18 everyone can see this musical masterpiece. That being said, the film is not worth the price of admission. For those who don’t know, The Wizard of Oz is about the adventure of a Kansas farm girl Dorothy and her dream of being in Oz with a cowardly lion, a brainless scarecrow, and a heartless tin man. The story begins when Dorothy kills the Wicked Witch of the East. This began the conflict between the Wicked Witch of the West and Dorothy, but ultimately Dorothy wants to go home and be with her family.  I saw the film and the opening of black and white shots remastered in 3D were stunning. I felt like Dorothy was jumping of the screen, however, this sudden infatuation with the 3D effects soon wore off. When Dorothy arrives in Oz the color comes to the screen and the problems begin. When I was wearing the IMAX 3D glasses and wasn’t sitting at the center of the screen the picture would be blurry. The movie is beautiful but not worth the price of $18. The remastered edition looks beautiful but adding on 3D and IMAX to a musical masterpiece stains its reputation by just trying to make a quick buck. For the most die hard fan of Dorothy and her plight, go see the movie, but for the everyday Edsman I recommend to rent the DVD off of The $18 is too much to pay for effects that don’t work unless the viewer is willing to not move at all during the movie.