"Special Forces" Gives French Perspective to War in Afghanistan



Maximilian Caliguire-Maier ’15
As the American war in Afghanistan continues, Special Forces is another adventurous military scenario against Taliban control and kidnappings, particularly that of Westerners, yet from the perspective of the French. Elsa Casanova, a correspondent in Afghanistan, is taken hostage by the Taliban in the tribal areas of Pakistan. She turns into the film’s protagonist as the film progresses with the Al Qaeda leader, who is responsible for the kidnapping, becoming fascinated with her gutsy and uninhibited nature, which is contrary to the female role in that area of the world. A Special Forces unit is dispatched by the French Ministry to free her in Pakistan. Once she is rescued, a hostile conflict between her kidnappers and the Special Forces, who risks their lives to bring her home alive, takes place across Pakistan inclusive the Himalayas till the border of Afghanistan. Although the adventurous momentum is slowing at times, the director, Stephane Rybojad, takes shots of the landscape that are breathtaking. With the likes of Diane Kruger and Djimon Hounsou of Blood Diamonds, the acting is stellar and convincing and the action packed scenes are entertaining for any viewer.