Meet “New” SEHS Faculty: Theology Teacher Mr. Rick Kubrak ’07

Mr. Kubrak 07 with his beautiful beloved children!

Mr. Kubrak ’07 with his beautiful beloved children!

Edsman Staff

Edsman Staff (ES): What courses are you teaching this year?

Mr. Kubrak (RK): Theology: Paschal Mystery Course & Church Course

ES: What are your interests outside of SEHS?

RK: I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children. I also enjoy going for a jog or spending time reading a good book.

ES: What is your educator philosophy?

RK: Put forth the effort and success and excellence will find you.

ES: What excites you about “joining” St. Edward High School as Theology Department teacher?

RK: I really enjoy our community and the many caring administrators, staff, students, and teachers that make up our amazing school community. I am excited that we are a place of faith and mission in the Holy Cross Tradition and that we get to grow together with other members in our community to become the best version of ourselves.

ES: Who was your favorite teacher in high school? Why?

RK: I really enjoy Mr. Reiling who taught Theology at St. Ed’s. His meditation class and all quirkiness, humility, and humor made it fun to learn in his class.

ES: How can St. Edward students be of help to you?

RK: As I am adjusting into a new role of teaching this year, I think students will be of help to me just by their participation and insights. Although I am a new teacher, I know that teaching is mutually beneficial by the students sharing their own thoughts, skills, and talents in class. I am excited to work with the sophomore class this year and to build relationships with my students.

ES: What does our school year theme “Side By Side” mean to you and your students?

RK: That we are all human. That we all have dignity and that all of us have great value. We need to love and respect one another to continue to make St. Edward High School a special, relationship centered community.

ES: Favorite Cleveland-area location?

RK: Lakewood Park because this is where I proposed to my wife, Carolyn.