Meet “New” SEHS Faculty: Spanish Teacher Ms. Gina Turella


Ms. Turella “returns” to St. Edward as a full-time faculty member after a stint as a long-term substitute last year!

Edsman Staff

Edsman Staff (ES): What courses are you teaching this year?

Ms. Turella (GT): Spanish 1 Honors and Spanish 3

ES: What are your interests outside of SEHS?

GT: I enjoy riding my motorcycle, spending time with family, and hiking in the Metroparks.

ES: What is your educator philosophy?

GT: I believe that all children have the innate desire and ability to learn. I believe in creating a safe, supportive space where children feel comfortable and encouraged to express their authenticity. Mostly importantly, I believe that I have been entrusted with the care and education of our children and it is my responsibility to teach them how to love themselves and value their own gifts and those of others.

ES: What excites you about joining St. Edward High School?

GT: I love the approaches to learning! It is obvious to me that the faculty and staff love our boys and encourage personal growth. I have always felt welcomed here.

ES: Who was your favorite teacher in high school? Why?

GT: My favorite teacher was, naturally, my Spanish teacher. We still get together for lunch on a regular basis.

ES: How can St. Edward students be of help to you?

GT: Students can help me by giving 100% to their growth. They can support and be kind to each other and all of us who care for them.

ES: What does our school year theme “Side By Side” mean to you and your students?

GT: We are all in this together! We will listen, support, and lift each other up!

ES: Favorite Cleveland-area location?

GT: Can I have 2 favorite locations? I would say the Metroparks and Barnes & Noble bookstore are my favorite places in Cleveland.