STAR WARS: Rogue One Review by Joey Ferenchak ’18




Not a lot can be said about Rogue One’s plot without spoiling the movie. From what I tell can you, Rogue One is set in between Episode III and IV of the Star Wars trilogy. Rogue One tells the story of how the Rebel Alliance managed to gain plans for the Death Star, and does so by introducing a band of new characters into the franchise. The overall plot of the movie is very good, but is nothing mind-blowing. For those who think Rogue One will turn out to be a trilogy or a have sequel, it is clear at the end of the movie that either of these things will happen. As a reminder, Rogue One is a prequel to the original Star Wars trilogy.      


Rogue One introduces a lot of new characters into the Star Wars Franchise. Everyone in the movie has their own unique personality, allowing them to stand out from each other.  The acting is good as Rogue One has a very diverse and talented cast. However, there is a huge lack of character development in the movie. This turns out to be one of Rogue One’s biggest faults, as you cannot relate or attach to the characters.  

CGI, Special Effects, and Music:

Without a doubt, the CGI, special effects, and the music in Rogue One are phenomenal. The music does a great job immersing you to movie’s moods and tones, while the excellent CGI and special effects add great visuals. Rogue One has one of the best space battles I have ever seen because of these amazing features.


Rogue One is a fun movie to watch alone or with friends. You will enjoy movie no matter what film genre you are into to. Though Rogue One does have a significant lack of characterization, the movie’s plot and its features makes it worthy for watching in theaters.     

The “Ferenchak Test” Rating: 8/10