Debate 2016: The VP’s Argued the Issues, Pence Clearly Won by Chase White ’18



This Tuesday’s Vice-Presidential debate was a decisive win for Donald Trump’s running mate, Governor Mike Pence. Mike Pence remained focused on the vision he and Donald had for America. His opponent in the debate, Tim Kaine, seemed to only viciously attack Trump, while never giving much substance on policy. This was on top of what many viewers of the debate saw as an abrasive Tim Kaine, who continued to rudely interrupt the moderator and Mike Pence, even when it wasn’t his time to speak. Tim Kaine appeared in attendance only to hit Trump, and not boost his own support.

When the candidates first walked out on stage they were seen by some as known leaders, but by even more as unknown candidates. The two men have basically the same qualities. They’re white, they’re both older men, and they both have a wife and three children. These were the first qualities many Americans first saw as the baseline for knowing each of the candidates. The point is that when they walked onto the stage, in that moment, they were ‘tied.’ The next part of the televised event is where things began to change. This part was not a discussion between both candidates, but rather the opening statements each of the candidates gave for their vision for America.

Mike Pence took the initial lead in this section due to his ability to reach out to Americans at home who were struggling to make ends meet, and use their dissatisfaction with the current Obama Administration, or the lack thereof, to win votes. Tim Kaine really failed to highlight the policies of his own ticket and how they could bring about new and/or different change. The next section of the debate was the segment led by the strong, yet reserved, Mike Pence. The candidates were once again able to highlight how Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine were ‘political insiders’ who have been a part of the flaws many see as everywhere in our own government.  Tim Kaine dodged the main discussions during the debate by overriding every time period Mike Pence had to speak on the issues. This gave the viewers at home a bad sense of what Tim Kaine’s tactics were and how he voiced his opinions.

The 2nd half-hour portion of the debate was a win for Tim Kaine by keeping the focus on Donald Trump and what he has said and/or done in the past. When Tim Kaine used the many quotes of what Trump has said he was able to show Trump’s lack of temperament as well as his reckless views on U.S. policy. When Mike Pence got the chance to defend some of these statements that Trump has said about ‘nukes’ or immigration he chose to refute some, but at the same time ignored or didn’t have a response prepared.

Thirdly, was the last thirty minute portion that focused on the morals and beliefs the candidates held. Mike Pence came out the winner of this portion due to his ability to connect to other Christians out there who were on the edge of backing the Trump ticket. He was able to voice his very pro-life stance in a way that wasn’t hurtful or seen as abrasive. Tim Kaine lost this portion in a large way due to his own hypocritical views in which he was pro-life, but believed in pro-choice because the party he was running for did.

During the closing statements, Mike Pence won because he voiced the concerns of many Americans who are dissatisfied with our current leadership and what it has achieved or lacked in the last eight years. Tim Kaine lost this portion because he interrupted too much throughout the debate and did not project a relatable message to those who are struggling in our country. Mike Pence won the debate he had with Tim Kaine, inevitably, because he represented the change that can come to Washington, and what he and Donald J. Trump can do for those in the United States.