A Condemnation of the Dance

The school dance, a staple of the American High School experience since the 1800’s. It is an event built on the desire for courtship and finding love, while engaging in dance. The dance has existed in this fashion for 200 years without any problems, as music and dance evolved. However sometime in the past 15 years the dance had died. Since 2018 I have attended 6 dances/mixers, and the concept of dancing with a partner appears to be completely foreign. This may be a classical opinion, however I think that it is necessary that people must be dancing to hold a dance. What is the problem with engaging in a cordial dance with a partner and actually enjoying time with the other person? Dances now play music that is unconducive to partner dancing and simply all that can be done is jump around. I do enjoy this type of social interaction, however I believe that calling it a dance is greatly misleading. The name of such social gatherings must be amended into something that makes more sense. Unfortunately I have not come to a conclusion on how it should be renamed but I feel as though there is not one name that can quite encapsulate the modern sentiment toward a dance. The dance is DEAD! It is time for a new name, comment below if you have any good ideas.