A Week at the Nest (no. 2)


March 17, 2019

Matthew Mistysyn ‘21

In this past week at Saint Edward High School there were many events that took place. On Thursday, there was a huge rally for all student activities and accomplishments, notably celebrating the recent wrestling state championship. We had many first place finishes and many runner-ups along with other finishes in the top 5. The state title count for wrestling now adds up to 37 and the total is now 66 for all sports at St. Eds. Hopefully we continue the years of excellence with many more state titles in the future. This past Friday Clips for Cancer took place in support of Mr. Wallenhorst, Mikey George and Mike Orbany. Many students participated in shaving their heads, “braving the bald,” along with giving donations and matching shirts saying NEGU, Never Ever Give Up. I look forward to another week in the nest with you all. Have a great week!