Flight Magazine Receives 2017 Excellent Rating, by: Rami Moussa ‘19 Editor-in-Chief

Last school year, St. Edward High School released the 63rd edition of its literary and artistic magazine, Flight. Recently, the National Council of Teachers of English released their list recognizing the excellence of student literary magazines in the state of Ohio. Flight received an “Excellent” rating, which coincidentally relates to the school theme this year of excellence. With no doubt, the Flight staff worked with all their heart, receiving and reviewing the submissions of all students and choosing the most proper works for the final copy. The magazine, which is managed by Mr. Mark Urban, featured a variety of subjects produced by both current and former students. A great amount of gratitude is owed to former student, Connor Starowesky ‘20, the Editor-in-Chief. Included in the edition were poetry by Jack Reardon, John Brady, David Muller, Marco Balic, Max Maline, Patrick Kidwell, Omar Fattah, and Starowesky, prose by Rami Moussa, Rob Flores, John Swansinger, Kidwell, Reardon, and Starowesky, and screenplay by Pat Adams. The photography and art featured in the magazine were also the works of Starowesky, Tribaso, Dougher, James, Flores, Maline, Ferenchak, McGuire, Edwards, Owen Zubek, and Max Peralta. Editing staff included Rami Moussa, Brandon Sherrard, Max Maline, Curtis Treska, Brandon Riley, Jad Kabbara, and Javar Marks. The Edsman Newspaper congratulates Flight and Mr. Urban on their successful publication and await the new edition to be released later this year.