‘Working: A Musical’ Shines

Contributing Writer: Logan Sindone, ’20

WORKING, St. Edward High School’s fall musical production, showed what can be achieved if you put time and effort into anything you do. The musical offered a cast of very talented singers and actors from St. Edward’s and St. Joseph’s high schools coming together to put on a great show.

From the moment you sit down you’re drawn into the story with a very nice opening song of “All the Livelong Day”. Ending the first act was the song “If I Could Have Been” glued me to my seat. After hearing all of the performers voices sing together in a powerful closing number to end the first act, I found myself wishing for intermission to end. While all performers in this production deserve recognition, Rose Hoffman’s performance stood out. Huffman’s solo, “Nobody Tells Me How”, captivated the audience. Her powerful singing voice was truly the high point of the entire musical.

The final number – “Something to Point to”  – brought this wonderful Edwardian Players production to a powerful and fantastic end earning all the applause they received that closing Sunday night.

Overall, WORKING: A Musical was a finely put together production that shows the talent of these high school students. While also teaching a great message of recognizing even the most menial of jobs that people do everyday. That I’m sure anyone and everyone can relate to in some special way.

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