Herbsman: Jesus had a Beard; Why Can’t We?, Written by Max DiGiacomo & Drawn by, Jack Loesch

Year after year, Saint Edward students are forced to suffer. Innocent children are told that they need shave, and are sent to Mr. Becks like sheep for slaughter. This brings up the question “Jesus had a Beard, Why Can’t We?” As people of the Catholic faith, we are called to live in Jesus’ image and likeness. Part of living in his image is having a beard, which is against school rules. Not only should the school allow beards, it should endorse events such as No Shave November. Anonymous senior said of the shaving policy, “THAT IS TURRIBLE”. Another senior says, “The guidelines for shaving are too broad, we are forced to shave our beards and mustaches, but not our eyebrows.” Finally, the policy is against our 1st amendment right, freedom of expression. Now, we wouldn’t want to take a possible case to the supreme court would we?