Breaking Bad: Granite Slate Review



Abhijeet Singh ’15
The penultimate episode of Breaking Bad has aired, and it is another intense, powerful, and game-changing showing that properly closes some storylines while setting up the series finale.
The plot of this episode follows the aftermath of the devastating events of Ozymandias; Hank has been killed, Walter’s family has turned on him, and he has opted to begin a new, quieter life by pursuing an expensive and drastic identity change. He begins the episode with his new identity and in New Hampshire, situated in a small, basic house nestled between the mountains and with little more than the basic necessities. In the meanwhile, his family deals with the ramifications of Walt’s identity having been revealed— he has become notorious, his house has become a “tourist attraction,” and his large methamphetamine empire and trail of suffering and death are now largely publicized by the media, something that definitely affects Skylar, Walter Jr, and Marie. The remnants of his former life are in shambles and in pain as a direct result of his actions, something he never wanted yet has clearly caused.
Things aren’t looking much better for Jessie, who some hoped would be redeemed but is know in perhaps his lowest point; just when things seemed optimistic and his escape was likely, he was caught and forced to watch perhaps the last person who he cared for get murdered before his very eyes, as he sat helplessly. His anger, desperation, and emotional despair are all at their high points, and it will certainly be interesting to see his final movies in the final episode.
Altogether, this episode serves as a perfect transition to the situation that will unfold in an undoubtedly dynamic manner next Sunday, when Felina, the series finale, airs. The acting is flawless, as you truly empathize with these characters; you sympathize with a fervently emotional Walt Jr., feel hopeless for Jessie, and are angry at the Neo-Nazis for their cruel actions.  As for Walt, a mix of emotions comes to mind, yet one can’t help but root for him. As he escapes the bar at the last minute to complete his journey, one cannot help but try and guess the unpredictable end of his path.
But I suppose we’ll find out next week. There’s just one more episode to go, and whatever happens, it’s been a heck of a ride.
Edsman Rating: A-