The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series Review: Episode 4

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series Review: Episode 4

This episode was a great episode for character development– not just for the heroes, but also the perceived antagonists as well.


The episode starts with us seeing Bucky in Wakanda by a fire with a Wakandan soldier telling him the code words to activate the Winter Soldier programing in him. Nothing happens. He is free. This flashback helps give us a little insight as to what he went through in Wakanda to help him overcome the program. We return to the present where the soldier confronts Bucky about freeing Zemo, and how the Wakandans feel betrayed. She then tells him that he has eight hours and then they come for Zemo.

Then we see Bucky, Zemo, and Sam back at Zemo’s place. Bucky tells them about the Wakandans, and they see an article about the bombing which the flag smashers did in the last episode. They decide to visit the site where Donya died. We then see the flag smashers watching a video report about the bombing, and we can see their regret and conflict about the actions they have taken. Sam looks in the upper floors of the building but no one will answer his questions. A man explains that people there don’t trust outsiders. Then we see Zemo singing the baa baa black sheep lullaby, which interests the children. He then offers them Turkish delight, and claims Donya was his old friend. He asks a girl where her funeral will be. She whispers something to him which he declines to tell the others. Sam confronts Zemo about it and he still declines to tell. Sam calls Sharon and asks her to watch the camp using a satellite. It transitions back to Karli and another flag smashers, as they go to a graveyard, and uncover a part of a grave which they hid the serum in. 

Next scene shows Walker and his friend show up and want an explanation. They work together and head to the funeral. Sam wants to talk to Karli alone, and reason with her but Walker wants to attack. Lemar, Walker’s friend, convinces him to give it a shot. A young girl leads them to the place, and Sam walks in to meet her. Karli, and some friends of Donya are all around her grieving. Karli sees Sam in the loft, and is surprised. Sam comes down after the ceremony, and talks to Karli. They talk about loss, and about the super soldiers. Sam tells Karli that he agrees with her fight but not her methods, and he thinks Donya wouldn’t either. Walker barges in and tries to arrest Karli, but she runs away. Bucky chases her, and we see Zemo escape. Karli loses Bucky, but is found by Zemo, and is shot and drops the serum. Zemo sees the serum, and crushes all the vials except one, which Walker finds and takes for himself. Karli plans to separate Sam and the others to kill Walker. We see them back at Zemo’s apartment, and Walker barges in. As he and Sam have a confrontation, the Wakandan soldiers come in. Walker talks to some of the soldiers, but they demand Zemo. Walker objects but they do not care. Walker, Lemar, and the soldiers fight as Sam, Bucky, and Zemo watch. Bucky intervenes to save Walker, and Zemo escapes. One of the soldiers takes Bucky’s arm off, and leaves them all defeated. 

Lemar and Waker talk over a drink about power, and doing the right thing. Karli calls Sarah, Sam’s sister. She introduces himself, and threatens to kill Sam. She tries to convince Karli that Sam is good. She threatens Sarah, and she gives Sam the coordinates to meet Karli. They meet, and Karli says she doesn’t want to hurt him. We see Sharon watch overhead and tell Sam that walker is in trouble. Bucky runs to try and help him, but Karli stops him. Walker and Lemar enter a building searching for something. They split up and John sees Lemar is taken. Flag smashers took Lemar and knocked him out. Bucky and Sam arrive to help Walker. However, it appears Walker is stronger now. Lemar frees himself and goes to join the fight. Lemar saves Walker from being stabbed by Karli, but in the process is punched into a wall and killed instantly. The flag smasher holding Walker let’s go and he runs over to check Lemar. Walker is furious, and the flag smashers run away, as do Sam and Bucky. Walker jumps out a window and follows the flag smashers. He takes one down, and kills him in front of a crowd with his shield. Everyone watches in horror. This is where the episode ends.

This episode really started to show Walker true colors. We see that he is a rash, violent man who doesn’t hesitate to do questionable things to achieve his goals. It was also a great episode for Karli. His character is developing quite well. She has conflict, and genuinely believes she is doing the right thing. The episode also shows us the similarities between Karli and Sam. They believe in similar things but go about them in completely different ways.