Will the "Windians" Continue their Record or Crash and Burn



Indians Will Continue to Be Successful Down the Stretch

Kyle Moran ‘15
The Indians have started the season strong and shown that they are a contender for the playoffs. Their pitching has provided a great backbone for success while the bats have been hot. Their batting average as a team is .265, which is 7th in the AL. This batting average has allowed them to score 248 runs so far this season. Many of the players on the team have stepped it up at the plate like Mark Reynolds and Jason Kipnis. Reynolds and Kipnis have produced 40 and 25 RBI’s respectively. Mark Reynolds is also tied for in the league for the most home runs. He went yard 12 times so far this season. The Indians are 8-2 when facing Cy Young pitchers. This shows that they can hit best pitchers in baseball. The pitching staff has allowed the Indians to win games by playing stellar defense. The combined ERA of the pitching staff is 4.28. Though this is not a great ERA, Both McAllister and Masterson are in the top 20 pitchers in the AL. Specifically; McAllister has an ERA of 2.89 while Masterson has an ERA of 3.20. This team has shown that they can score runs efficiently and allow few runs thus allowing them to win ballgames.

windians nick swisher

The Indians’ Successful Starting Record Will Not Hold

Ryan Palko ‘14

The “Windians are off to a fast start to the 2013 baseball season. They opened the season with a 27 and 23 record and are at the top of the Central division.  On the road this year they have gone 12-13; while at home, they have captured a 15-10 record. Despite their impressive record, the “Windians” will fall again to the bottom of the division by the end of the season and fail to make the playoffs. I am a baseball fan and love the Indians but the curse of Cleveland sports will come back to haunt this team. Even with the additions of Terry Francona as manager, Nick Swisher and Mark Reynolds in the off-season, the Indians do not have the power to push through for the rest of the season. The toughest games on their schedule so far have been against the New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox. The Indians got swept by the Yanks and Sox three game series. These two teams are examples of how the Indians cannot compete with the best. They will not be able to put up a fight when it matters. With the updated schedule and removal of the three week period of interleague play, the Indians will really have to battle the whole season to compete with the top teams.