Robots Review


The early 2000s gave birth to many nostalgia pieces, especially for my generation. Now the question is what would happen if robots took over? No, you wouldn’t get the Will Smith movie I-Robot, instead, you would get the rated PG movie Robots.

This is another movie that many consider nostalgic for their childhood and is only increased by the fact that playing the comedic relief character in this movie is none other than Robin Williams. Speaking of comedy, this movie is filled with drama, an important message about big corporations, and has many hilarious jokes sprinkled throughout.

Summary: according to IMDB
Even in a world populated entirely by mechanical beings, Rodney Copperbottom is considered a genius inventor. Rodney dreams of two things, making the world a better place and meeting his idol, the master inventor Bigweld. On his journey, he encounters Cappy, a beautiful executive ‘bot with whom Rodney is instantly smitten, the nefarious corporate tyrant Ratchet who locks horns with Rodney, and a group of misfit ‘bots known as the Rusties, led by Fender and Piper Pinwheeler.

My Thoughts
To start with the pacing of the movie, nothing overstays its welcome and the movie is very eventful. A lot of fun stuff happens involving the main character in less than 30 minutes. From breaking into a company building and being thrown out immediately, moving to the big city, and getting a magnetic afro (Not in that order) he goes through a lot.

Enough with my opinion on the pacing, let’s start with the actual plot, I’d be lying if I said this was some deep movie with an extensive plot, there really isn’t. It is 70% jokes. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but a lot of the plot is poorly thought out. If you are looking for a deep movie, I won’t recommend watching the movie.

Lastly, there’s an important thing I’d like to mention before the conclusion. This movie suffers from an important thing known as the 2000s movie syndrome. Essentially, most early 2000s movie ends happily and with a musical ending. Rat Race ends at a smash mouth concert, Shrek ends with a wedding and this movie ends with a superhero team-up fight scene, followed by a song.

Personally, I don’t find the ending to be all too satisfying. Really the biggest downfall of this movie is also one of its biggest strengths: the comedy. Every scene in this movie isn’t taken seriously and that is what really makes the ending fail, a good ending isn’t everything turning out fine in the end and everything going well, but a good ending is one that compliments the story and sincee the story wasn’t thought out all too much, the movie suffers.

The conclusion
The Robots movie is an ok movie. When I rewatched it, I thought that a lot of the jokes were very funny. There’s actually a funny quote that someone on IMDB so kindly typed out;
Fender: You consider me a friend?
Rodney Copperbottom: Sure. What else would I consider you?
Fender: I don’t know. An embarrassment? A way to rebel against your parents? A desperate cry for help? The list is endless.

The plot is another story, and while interesting in concept, the execution was flawed so therefore the movie suffered

6 chop shops out of 10