Ron’s Gone Wrong is Mostly Right

Rons Gone Wrong is Mostly Right

Ah yes, Ron’s Gone Wrong, a movie that answers the question “What would happen if both Apple was co-ran by Steve Jobs and had an HQ that was able to be breached by a literal child?” I would not expect most people to even know what Ron’s Gone Wrong even is, mostly due to the fact that it just came out in theaters over the weekend and the only reason I saw it was because Free Guy wasn’t available at my local theater anymore. Now, sit back, relax and put on your reading glasses because this is the movie review for Ron’s Gone Wrong.

Plot Summary (according to IMDB)

The story of Barney, an awkward middle-schooler, and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device. Ron’s malfunctions set against the backdrop of the social media age launch them on a journey to learn about true friendship.

My thoughts

Despite the fact that I didn’t particularly like the ending whatsoever and thought the trailer for this movie was misleading somewhat, I actually liked the movie and thought it was entertaining. It has everything you’d want in an animated movie, from comedy and good writing to some actually hilarious jokes for more mature audiences and a happy ending. 

As I stated above, there are actually some things I didn’t like about this movie. For instance, the ending is a bit too corny and (yes I know it’s a kid’s movie) unrealistic. Secondly, something else I think this movie could do without are the other friends of Barney that aren’t Ron. Overall, I just thought their presence was a bit unneeded and just made things more complicated.


Ron’s Gone Wrong is generally a great movie and has good comedy. It has an interesting premise though slightly of a letdown. Was it worth seeing in theaters? Not really. Would I watch it again? Absolutely. Should you watch it when it comes out on streaming platforms? YES!

I give the movie around 8.5 tiki-taka tiki-tiki-takas out of 10