The Horror! Box Office Ghost Town

Picture of ghost town theater

Picture of ghost town theater

The theaters… everyone loves the theaters. From the overpriced snacks and children kicking the back of your seat all the way to the movies that are already available on Hulu and Disney+ and people talking while on their phones when you are trying to watch Transformers, what isn’t there to love?

Theaters are a staple of America and an important part of people’s lives. So naturally when the theaters closed down people were upset. Many people and small businesses were affected by the pandemic and the quarantine that followed. Stores shut down and people just stopped going to the movie theaters seemingly. Most movie producers and other big businesses noticed this. So they started releasing all their movies on streaming services instead.

All this combined made me wonder ”Now that the quarantine is over, what is it like to go into a movie theater now?” Before that, there were a few hiccups when trying to buy a ticket. I actually waited too long to buy any tickets for movies I wanted to see and ended up going on a day where they weren’t showing them. But with that question and everything else in mind, I set off on a journey to my local cinema. 

When I arrived I was surprised to see that the movies weren’t really busy, I peeked inside some of the other movies that were also showing at the time and noticed… they were empty. Pretty much the only movie that wasn’t empty was the one that I was seeing, but even then it was NOT filled even though it was brand new and came out that day. 

All in all, the rest was pretty normal, the movie I saw was pretty good, and not many people talked during the movie if any. I bought some candy and ate it. If I learned anything about how theaters were affected by the quarantine, it really did cripple them and now almost no one goes to them anymore unless the movie is brand new.