Lost? Look for Soul on Disney+

Lost? Look for Soul on Disney+

Spoiler-free summary:

A middle-school band teacher named Joe aspires to be a jazz musician in New York. This all changes when he tragically dies by falling into an open manhole after getting the gig of his life to play with Dorothea Williams. Join Joe as he accidentally falls into The Great Before just before he goes to the great beyond. Does he get back to earth? Well, you’ll have to watch Soul on Disney+ to find out!

Spoiler summary: 

A middle school band teacher named Joe aspires to be a jazz musician in New York. He then gets the gig of a lifetime to play with Dorothea Williams. Moments later, he tragically falls into an open manhole. When he realizes he is dead, in trying to cheat death he accidentally falls off “the conveyor belt” to the Great Beyond and lands in the Great Before where he meets Jerry, described as the “Entirety of the universe condensed into a form humans can comprehend”. Jerry mistakes Joe for the mentor Dr. Borgesson. Joe then has to try to find the spark for a rambunctious soul known as 22 but instead makes a compromise to try and get him back into his body so he can play with Dorothea Williams. In trying to get back, 22 introduces her friend Moonwind to Joe so they can try and unite his body with his soul. Joe accidentally drags 22 with him to Earth where 22 is in his body and Joe is in the body of a cat. They get into all sorts of trouble down on Earth until eventually the counterpart to Jerry, Terry, who is in charge of the great beyond, catches up with them and drags them back to the Great Before where 22 has finally found their spark but sadly gives it to Joe. Joe gets into the zone playing the piano and unknowingly runs into Moonwind in the Great Before where he tells Joe that 22 is in trouble. Joe saves 22 and 22 finally heads to earth to live their life. Jerry, feeling grateful for Joe helping 22, offers Joe one last chance to head to his body. He accepts and finally gets to play with Dorothea Williams.


  • 7.5 therapy cats out of 10
  • 15 Jazz hands out of 20


I would recommend this movie to people who just need a good Pixar movie to watch when they are feeling sad or depressed or to mothers who just got Disney+ and just want to force their family to watch it. Overall, it’s good movie. I strongly recommend it.