Eagle Rowing Takes Team 3rd at Midwest Championships by Coach Matt Carlsen


This past weekend the Eagle rowers competed at the Midwest Championships which is comprised of 47 teams.  We entered 12 races, and of those 12, 9 qualified for the grand finals on Sunday.
The Novice 8 took the bronze.
The LTWT Double took 5th place.
The LTWT 4 took the silver.
The Varsity 4 took 5th place.
The LTWT Novice 4 took the GOLD.
The LTWT 8 took the silver.
The 3rd Varsity 8 took 6th.
The 2nd Varsity 8 took 5th.
The 1st Varsity 8 took the bronze.
This was the first time in program history that we won the Novice LTWT 4, and took medals in the LTWT 8, LTWT 4, and Varsity 8.
With those 9 races in the grand finals, we were able to take 3rd place overall in points out of the 47 teams, making it the best finish in program history!
The LTWT 8, LTWT 4 and Varsity 8 have now received bids to compete at the SRAA National Championships in two weeks.