No Matter How Young, Cheating Should Not be Tolerated by Jared Ashdown ’18

No Matter How Young, Cheating Should Not be Tolerated by Jared Ashdown 18

Los Angeles, California: The Lakers suffered their worst loss in history, losing to the Utah Jazz 123-75, but that’s not what hurt most. 2nd overall pick in 2015 D’angelo Russell had a video of Nick Young admitting to him that he was cheating on Iggy Azalea leaked. Anyone with any sense of human decency and common sense knows it does not matter how old or young you are, if it is not your business you should not engage in these things. What D’angelo Russell did was completely stupid and it is something that will follow him his entire NBA career and has completely demolished the trust he has with anybody. Not to mention, if the Lakers want to trade Russell due to this, his trade stock will be lowered due to this as well.

Nick Young Iggy Azalea

While D’angelo Russell’s actions are ignorant and brainless, Nick Young should not be absolved for his poor decisions. Nick Young is a grown man engaged to a woman he supposedly loves– he should know better than to engage in risky behaviors that could wreck his relationship and personal life. What is most disturbing about this entire feud is not that Nick Young cheated or the fact that D’angelo Russell did this. What is most disturbing about this entire situation are the people who are acting as if Nick Young did nothing wrong. While D’angelo Russell made a boneheaded decision, had Nick Young not been cheating, there would be no video and no feud here today. It’s similar to the Johnny Manziel situation– Johnny could still be in Cleveland, hopefully being a productive up-and-coming quarterback, if he could have made better decisions that were focused on his overall success and well-being. Life is not perfect, but if you make good choices for yourself, you can make a difference in the world and make your life the best for you.