Cleveland Browns: Can It Get Any Worse? by Jared Ashdown ’18


Today’s date is Tuesday, December 15, 2015 and the Cleveland Browns remain a pathetic joke of an NFL franchise. With a 3-10 record, the Browns are potentially on pace to get the first overall pick in the draft, as if it even matters. The Browns have missed the playoffs for now the 13th straight season and are still yet to even win a playoff game as a franchise. The Browns are no doubt about it, the most dysfunctional organization in all of professional sports. The owner isn’t on the same page with the GM, the GM isn’t on the same page as the coach, The coach isn’t on the same page with the owner. To top that off, your last 8 picks in the first round of your past 4 drafts all look like busts. Heck, Phil Taylor, Brandon Weeden, and Trent Richardson aren’t even with the team anymore. A freak of nature in college at linebacker Barkevious Mingo doesn’t even seem like he can make a tackle to save his life, and good luck keeping your “future franchise quarterback” Johnny Manziel out of trouble. Cam Erving looks like he can’t block anybody, Justin Gilbert looks like a High school safety playing corner against a bunch of 5-star college players, and while Danny Shelton has a great work ethic, he also only has 25 tackles on the year and the Browns run defense still stinks. To top that off, the defense we expected to be top 10 that’s also the highest paid defense in the NFL, is also the worst defense in the NFL. Alex Mack looks uninterested in playing football and Joe Haden gets hurt if you breathe on him. But wait, there’s more! Tickets that originally costed season ticket holders $90 per ticket are going up for sale for $8.95! How great is that? Also, while Johnny Manziel looks like he’s improved on the field, he has not earned anything in his career and his “starting” status is tenuous based on issues off the field. The last 3 games will tell the future for Manziel in Cleveland if there even is one. Manziel’s performance on Sunday versus the 49ers COULD, and I stress could, be the beginning of some positive momentum for the organization. If not, time to go to plan V.