Panama Wedding Wants to Do Bigger Better Things


Parallel PlayBobby Kaleel ‘15
This summer, a new band emerged from the internet named Panama Wedding.  What started as a small independent band went viral when their hit, “All of the People” gained over 700,000 hits on SoundCloud even before being signed to a label.  This eighties revival song uses smooth synthesizers mixed with lead singer/songwriter Peter Kirk’s gentle voice to create a catchy tune that explodes into a full sounding refrain meant to represent a transition from winter to spring.
Self made musician Peter Kirk has loved making music since he was very young when he played the classical piano, but it only became serious when he moved to Manhattan.  What started off as a hobby turned into a career when his friends told him he was very talented and convinced him to take it a step further. He started playing small gigs and became more talented as a performer. After writing “All of the People”, his producers, Tegan and Sara, and his managers helped perfect it.  After it became a hit online, Kirk signed to Glassnote Records and released his first EP, Parallel Play.
An additional song I recommend listening to besides “All the People” is “Uma” which uses light synth sounds and a gentle beat to create a relaxing song, with an especially uplifting vocal melody.
While Panama Wedding’s EP has received considerable recognition, Kirk is not content sitting on his laurels.  Kirk wants to get his message out and continue to share his music with the world so be prepared for an album to drop in the next year. Panama Wedding is an artist to watch and be ready for them to blow up.