Modest Mouse Review


Hello everybody! Since last week’s first installment of the Charlie Cudnik album discussion went so well, it looks like it’s here to stay! On today’s episode, we will be taking a look at indie rock band Modest Mouse’s debut album from 1996, This album is titled This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About. When Modest Mouse were accruing a large underground following in the Issaquah, Washington scene, they were becoming very well known for their bitter, biting lyrics, their shrill lead vocals and their powerhouse drumming and guitar work.

This album is definitely one of the most unique debuts in indie rock history as, unlike many bands that are just starting out, Modest Mouse on this record is already playing to their strengths and creating the sound that they would become known for across the country. Not to say that this is a homogenous or bland sounding album however, as there are plenty of sonic experiments that the band takes on in many of the songs here. 

It’s important to note the vague concept that runs through most of the album, that being one of road travel, as you might expect. A lot of the songs here sound like an emotional and bitter road trip at 3 in the morning. There are other themes on here that Modest Mouse will talk about for the rest of their career, such as depression, anger, urbanization, and corporate America. 

Finally, I would like to just highlight my favorite aspect of Modest Mouse, which is the lyrics. Isaac Brock has got some of the best pen game in all of rock and roll, and I would just like to share my favorite verse on the album with you, just to summarize the whole thing.

“Wow!” said the broken Californian down

On the beach that used to be by the beach

Town hasn’t moved but’s getting closer, losing ground

Making better views and close relaxing sounds

Ground sure don’t like the way it’s treated so now

It’s moving back to the sea.”

I would give this album about 82% by my score, and if what I’ve said interests you, be sure to give this album a try, see if it’s for you.