Cleveland International Film Festival: The Missing Picture


the missing pic
Jon Poilpre ’15
This weekend a slew of creative slush will be slapped up at Tower City Cinemas as the Cleveland International Film Festival kicks off. One of the films being shown this Saturday at 8:35 and Sunday at 2:40 is The Missing Picture, presented by the Cleveland Museum of Art. The film contains the story of Rithy Panh, a boy who narrowly escaped the Khmer Rouge genocides in Cambodia. Now the boy has grown up and decided to make a film about how he experienced his past and the trauma of war. The Missing Picture was on the potential nomination list for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards and narrowly missed a nomination. Told with characters and sets made of clay, Panh paints a compelling story that demonstrates how film can help one unravel the blankness of their past.