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    Hassy HassFeb 25, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    First of all, nice piece Ryan!
    I want to add a bit of information that kind of refutes your assertion in some cases just because I feel that it can be relevant.
    When applying to really competitive schools like the Ivy Leagues, it’s possible that students can get filtered out of admissions because their SAT or ACT test scores are relatively low (probably due to the large volumes of applicants they receive). As a result, it’s pretty important to keep a very high SAT or ACT score just to put one in the “safety zone” for applying. While holistic approaches usually are the case, there do tend to be lots of objective-filtration methods to single out individuals from a large pool of applications. Again, this usually applies only to heavily competitive universities.
    Personally, though, I think that WAY too much emphasis is placed on actual scores and specific numbers. I hope American society will move away from that.

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