Walking Dead: Indifference Review


the-walking-dead-season4-episode4-indifference-carol-carAnthony Raffin ’17

What a changeup! This week’s Walking Dead episode slowed down the fast paced action from the previous one to give the viewers a true night of drama and tension. Here’s the review.

A theme that was recurring in Sunday’s episode was that characters are unable to escape their personal problems. This is shown when a novice to the group, Bob, decided that he couldn’t control his drinking problem. This ultimately leads to him dangling over Walkers whilst trying to fight to get his backpack, secretly filled with a bottle of liquor. Tyreese also proves himself to fit into the same theme. Still angered at the killing of his girlfriend Karen, he is constantly is filled with rage; and has become a different person since the beginning of this season. When cutting through the shrubbery around the garage he accidently cuts the wire-lock off the door. When the Walker attacks him, Michonne yells at him to let go. He doesn’t listen to her, but instead pulls the Walker to the ground, where he comes very close to being bitten.

During a “run” for supplies in a nearby neighborhood, Rick and Carol run into a couple hiding out in an abandoned house that they enter. The writers of the Walking Dead usually display characters as pushed to their physical and psychological boundaries, yet this is why it was interesting to meet characters that were, as they said themselves, “having a good time.” The couple almost seems unaware of the destruction of the world with their small talk of love and joking about the Walkers (or “skin-eaters” as they called them). But in the end the bleak attack showed that nobody, and I mean nobody, is truly safe.

Now, for the shocking turn of Rick asking/forcing Carol to leave the group! Ever since the beginning of the show, there have been characters that you have never wanted to see die. My personal list includes Glenn, Daryl, Maggie, Michonne, Rick, and Carol. Carol is the wife of an abusive husband has been with us ever since Rick found the initial group. And because we have been with her from the beginning, we have watched her develop from an abused and insecure wife to a strong leader.

I believe Rick’s decision was justified. He realized that once Tyreese found out that it was Carol who had killed the two infected prisoners, Tyreese would go and beat the life out of her. But, his decision to send her off can lead down so many other roads. Carol could run into Daryl’s group down the road, and resulting in Tyreese finding out then and there. It could be that Carol settles in a new group, only to find out it is run by the Governor. Or, she could’ve just left the show completely. Either way, by this Sunday’s episode, Tyreese and the people of the prison are going to learn the true killer of Karen and the other infected prisoner. Can’t wait for next week!

Edsman Rating: 9/10