Walking Dead "Infected" Review


WD epi 3

Anthony Raffin ’17
A lone flashlight appears out of the darkness. A Walker chews on a rat fed to him through the chain link fence. Someone is sabotaging the Prison’s defenses from the inside.
What a great episode! It left me with so many unanswered questions that kept me on the edge of my seat. Okay, let’s start off. Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and Karen (Meliisa Ponzio) are found sharing an intimate moment in the library. After they both leave the library, the camera follows Karen into the bathroom. As she leaves “Walker Patrick” follows her back into “Cell Block D,” where he creates a big mess.
On the way to the bathroom she stops to admire a drawing of a child, the prison, and Walkers including “Nick.” This has led me to believe that the one feeding the Walkers is one of the Woodbury children. This is because in “30 Days Without An Accident,” Lizzie, Woodbury child is referring to a Walker as Nick. Lizzie could be feeling compassion for the Walker and feeding it. So the intentions of Lizzie isn’t to draw the hordes of Walkers, but to help this one Walker in specific. Only a theory.
After the massacre in Cell Block D, Rick kills another Walker, who was a sleepwalker named Charlie. Daryl then elaborates on how Charlie would lock himself in his cell every night so he wouldn’t sleepwalk. According to Hershel and Dr. S (Lawrence Gillard), Charlie died from a flu caused him to choke on his own blood. Rick then makes the connection to a Walker outside the fence, and Daryl connects it to Patrick. So it seems that my theory from last week was somewhat on the right track!
The council, consisting of Carol, Daryl, Sasha, Glenn, and Hershel, agree to relocate possibly infected residents to A Block/Death Row (How appropriate!). I believe Rick’s empty chair at the table reflects his lack of presence in decision making. Karen and an unidentified man are the first residents of D Block to be moved to A Block.
After the council meeting Carol finds Lizzie and Mika on the fence. Lizzie is upset by the death of a loved one. The odd thing is she isn’t mourning over her father’s death, but the death of “Nick” the Walker. After Lizzie runs off in tears Mika says to Carol, “She’s messed up. She’s not weak.” This is supporting my theory that Lizzie is the one feeding the Walkers.
Then a large horde of Walkers builds onto a section of the fence. Rick and his group do the best they can to fight they off. In the end Rick sacrifices the pigs so that the Walkers are drawn away from the fence. Awhile this happens Sasha discovers the headless bodies of multiple rats.
At the ending of the episode we follow Tyreese to A Block where he hopes to give Karen flowers. He doesn’t find her in the cell but follows a trail of blood. It leads him outside where he finds Karen’s and the man’s bodies burnt to a crisp. What!? Could this be an act of someone being helpful? Could it be someone ought to destroy the Prison from the inside? Or could it be someone making sure the infection doesn’t spread? The writers came up with a great cliffhanger for this week. Can’t wait till Sunday.
Rating: 9/10