St. Edward Student Section Needs to Step up Its Game


Ryan Ashdown ’16

In a game filled with many positives, the players of the St. Edward football team also felt some disappointment. It was a great night for football as the Eagles took on a highly respected program, Youngstown Cardinal Mooney. Just like many times before, alumni, fans, and young future Eagles packed the stands to see their school try and win another game. But as many football players and staff will tell you, something felt like it was missing. A simple look over to the student section, and you would have had your answer.

When asked about the student section, Junior Shaun Crawford said “I love it. We THRIVE off of it. Running through the banner and hearing the students yelling gives me chills. When we are out there, we’re playing for more than just our team, but for our fans that come out and support us.” Students of St. Edward need to realize the importance and impact they have on football games. No matter what the score or time remaining, the players look to the student section to pump them up and cheer them on.

Last week, the theme was a green out. While much green was worn, not all support was given. Most of the game the student section was sitting down. Crawford also stated “Last week was very disappointing. Mooney’s fans were louder than ours. It just didn’t feel like home.” The football team’s last two home games are against St. Ignatius and Cincinnati Moeller. These games are extremely important, with both teams in the AP Top 10 State Poll. The Eagles look to stay undefeated and need all of their classmates to come out and cheer them on. Team 65 has one ultimate goal, and that’s to be playing in Canton on December 7th. Why wouldn’t you want to help them get there?