Robin Williams is back on Television with "The Crazy Ones"


Joseph Milcinovic ’15

Robin Williams comes back to television with a hilarious series, “The Crazy Ones”. The new series stars Robin Williams as a father, and cooperate giant of a creative company, who assists companies like McDonalds with their ad campaigns.

It is all about Robin Williams, and for a Williams fan myself it is hilarious. USA Today gave it a “½ out of four” (Blanco). I am not a paid journalist, but I love Robin Williams and I love “The Crazy Ones.” In the series premier, Williams has to come up with a brilliant idea for an ad for McDonalds or else he is fired. Williams practically plays himself; he is funny, twisted and mental. William has to sell the new ad idea to singer Kelly Clarkson to sing about people deserving a break. Kelly wants to recreate her image and only wants to sing about sex. He writes and sings a sexual song about the McDonald drive through experience. When Williams did this I thought that it was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.


Some of Blanco’s opinions are valid when he talks about it is a William centric show and that is the only way that is alive but due to Williams comedic genius. That being said,  I think this show is a great because it is a nice distraction from a hard workday. Williams’  jokes take me away from the homework, the studying and truly emerge me into a comedic experience that I truly enjoy. So I think that Williams makes the show a good show and not a “waste” of a big star, and doesn’t deserve a “½ out of four”. This show is great due to its comedic experience and the escape it is from everyday life. I watched this with my father and he and I laughed so much it was hilarious.

Now, for the regular Edsmen should you watch The Crazy Ones, YES! If you like Williams’ comedy, watch this show, it is Williams and his craziness.

USA Today’s Robert Blanco’s article: (