Syria Submits Chemical Weapons Reports to OPCW


U.N. Secretary-General Ban and OPCW Director-General Uzumcu speak at a news conference at the OPCW in the HagueLink to Al Jazeera

Link to The Guardian

Hassan Sayed ’15

After threats from the United States and the world, Syria’s Al-Assad regime has handed over information regarding the location and usage of its chemical weapons to the “Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” or OPCW, which will investigate into the matter. The disclosure of this data was prompted as a result of a supposed August 21st chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians during the Syrian Civil War.
Syrian Civil War has been raging for over three years now, and the destruction of chemical weapons could be effective in stopping the conflict. Plans for Western intervention through the UN Security Council have been stopped because of Russia, a close of ally of the Al-Assad regime, and its veto powers on the council. Votes within the US Congress and UK Parliament have also prevented intervention by those specific countries. However, according to Syrian deputy prime minister Qadri Jamil, peace talks might be organized and a ceasefire set into the place. Currently, both the government and rebels are stuck in a deadlock, and any attempts at resolution are greatly desired.