Performing Arts Banquet is a Great Success

John Paul Peralta ’15

This year, the performing Arts Banquet that took place on Thursday, May 24, was an accented note in the performing arts long score of successes. The night began with Wendy Ling making some opening remarks and recognizing some fantastic parents and volunteers like Mary Jo Farr.  When Mrs. Ling was finished, Dr. Good gave the Performing Arts program very high laudations, personally thanking Mr. Goers and Mr. Burns for their idea to perform the play for the underclassmen. Mr. Kubacki followed in kind with recognition of Mr. Draime and the marching band’s Superior rated performance at State Finals.  Following his heart felt reviews, he moved to the dinner prayer.

After dinner the awards were given out. Mr. Burns, Mr. Draime and Mr. Goers worked in concert to present each class alphabetically.  The presentation awarded every member of Cast, Crew, Pit, Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Choir, and Indoor Percussion.  The evening’s awards inevitably end with the senior class. Many of the seniors won awards for Outstanding Musicianship, and others won special awards such as the John Philip Sousa award, which went to Devin Stepan ’13, and the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award that went to Patrick Peralta ’13.  Ethan Ling ‘13 was awarded the Quincy Jones Music Award and Sharlo Bayless was the recipient of the Patrick Gilmore Band Award.  The 2013 St. Edward Man of the Year Recipient, Gerard Basalla ‘13 was the recipient of the Directors Award.  All of the recipients deserved everything that they received. They all worked hard and sacrificed a lot of time and effort for their plaques.

The end of the night was a final crescendo into excitement and applause when Adam Rawlings ’14 was announced next years Drum Major, and Brian Patton ’14, the new Field Commander. With all of the talent that is leaving us, much of the performing arts banquet was bittersweet, but we look ahead to an even better 2013-2014 school year. Band practice starts soon, and the entire department is excited. Without a doubt this past year was one of the greatest years for the arts, and next year is only looking better.