2022 MLS Cup

2022 MLS Cup

Vinh Lai '25

2022 MLS Cup

Vinh Lai

The epitome of American soccer was showcased on Saturday. Chances are, you probably didn’t even know it was happening. Same here, I was watching the Ohio State game, but turned to the MLS Cup – the championship that no one knows about.


You probably need some background since you aren’t a diehard fan (assuming). Well, this soccer game or fútbol game was between the Philadelphia Union and the LAFC – just LAFC, which stands for (Los Angeles Football Club). 

Place – Banc of California Stadium. Also, LAFC’s home stadium. Super rowdy, and heavily favors the home team. Heck, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber were also there.

LAFC – a record of 21-4-9 and won the western conference.

Philadelphia Union – a record of 19-10-5 and won the eastern conference.


  1. 3252. It seems like a number, but in reality, the fans section is only dedicated to the hardcore fans of LAFC. Kinda like our student section, but super diehard (minus the themes).


2-2 tied and was heading into overtime. From the outside, it seemed like the LAFC was extremely tired as Philadelphia Union was taking control of the game and the opportunities.

Overtime we go…

Once overtime started though, both teams were seemingly fatigued. It was a sloppy center. LAFC gave up pressing the ball half the time. Philadelphia Union players weren’t alert and the game looked a lot like kickball.

Key Moment – 116’

Maxime Crépeau, LAFC’s starting goalie, makes an effort to slide and take away the ball from a Union player. Both being outside the goal box and prohibiting a for-sure goal, the goalie was red-carded. 10 players for LAFC. Sadly, he was injured in what looked like a broken leg/ankle. Prayers.

GOAL – 120’+4’

Wow, not really unexpected since LAFC only had 10 players, but how many services is the Union going to get? 3 services to be exact. The new goalie for LAFC can only do so much as Jack Elliot for the Union hits an easy goal on a rebound from the new goalie.

3-2    Philadelphia Union   120’+4’

GOAL – 120’+8’

Alright, this is where MLS really shows its true colors. How in the world does Philadelphia Union manage to let LAFC score? Let me reiterate: 10 players, 6 minutes to go until the game ends. The only player that scored and kept this game alive was no other than Premier League star Gareth Bale. A header that the goalie for the Union, who had 5 saves so far, only got one finger on before it eventually went in.

3-3    Tied   End of Overtime

Penalties were just a keeper battle. Shooting and nerves were all over the place. Only three penalties were made. One shot from the Union was missed so badly that it went into the stands. The Union wasn’t even able to make one penalty kick – giving LAFC the win and the storybook ending.

Thoughts from me and you…

I think I’ll watch MLS again. It is definitely a lot – and I mean a lot – worse than any other league in Europe, but that’s what makes it special. This makes it a story that you’ll remember for ages. The overall consensus around the school is that MLS is not watched, but this game has turned a lot of their heads (once they knew about it), and will hopefully turn yours as well. 


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