The Prom Dance Floor Awaits! O’Sullivan’s Definitive Pre-Prom Dancer Rankings


It’s no secret that the senior class has been itching for a piece of the dance floor. An anonymous senior reported, “I am going to tear it up out there. I’m going out on top ya hurd!”As prom grows closer and closer seniors are debating who is the best dancer in the Class of 2021. Here are our definitive Prom Dancer Power Rankings followed by a few honorable mentions. 

  1. Evan Wrightsman: Evan has the potential to be the best dancer the St. Ed’s community has ever seen. He was almost cast in Happy Feet as a child due to his unparalleled foot to eye coordination in tandem with his stability on ice. Evan has several moves in his repertoire that will knock anyone’s socks off, one of them actually includes him removing both of his socks! 
  2. Andy Milla: Andy brings energy to the dance floor that most people didn’t know was possible. The man’s white suits are immaculate, but his concern for fashion goes out the window when he’s in the zone, exercising breakdancing moves that haven’t been used since Michael Jackson. 
  3. Bryan Heidelhoff: What more can you say.  Class president, Man of the Year candidate, future Notre Dame student.  Even if you don’t know Bryan, you know who he is once he walks into a room.  Bryan’s charismatic personality and energy is contagious and also a very good combination for him to be the best dancer at prom this year.  

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Michael Minarik: Many Edsmen have expressed concern about Mike’s ankle injury. The situation is scary because the only one who knows if Mike will be 100 percent is Mike. His moves throughout the years have been electric. The kid goes from moonwalking to strumming an air guitar in a split second. It’s also important to note that Mikes overall as a dancer does noticeably improve when his mustache reaches prime thickness. 
  • Brendan Belz: When Brendan sees a dance floor he attacks it like an SEHS laxer on defense… without hesitation. Brendan’s passion for busting a move sources back to his love for the Black Eyed Peas and “I Got a Feeling”  that Friday night’s gonna be a good night. 
  • Joe Waters: Joey’s dance moves have been showcased every Wednesday of year in Brother Denis’s class. Let’s just hope he knows how to dance to something other than the infamous Geico “Hump Day” commercials. 
  • Tyler Fowles: Although not even being 6’0, Tyler Fowles’s energy could catapult himself to the center of attention at Prom.  Sources have said that Tyler’s prom outfit will be “one of the greatest.”  Look good, dance good; that seems to be the main storyline for Tyler Fowles. 
  • John Barrett: John Barrett has been dancing his whole life. The man has single handedly killed more dance moves than he has years of teaching experience. If you see Mr. Barrett on the dance floor, prom has taken an epic turn for the better. The only thing that could top a Mr. Barrett’s appearance would be a McPartland sighting.