The Cleveland Browns Are Clownin’: A Pre-Draft Analysis

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Last week was a big week in free agency for the Browns. They picked up defensive end Jadaveon Clowney. Clowney is a three time pro bowler. The Browns signing Clowney was a “win-win” for them. They could not lose the situation. Since they only signed him to a one year contract, they can reevaluate at the end of this upcoming season and decide his future based on his play. They still save a ton of cap space which enables them to be able to sign more free agents. This Clowney signing does have the potential to be disappointing. Clowney is very injury prone. He hasn’t had a good season in a while and has been jumping around teams in the league. On the other hand, if this works out, the Browns defensive line will be close to unstoppable. With Myles Garrett, the best defensive lineman in the league, on one side of the line and Clowney on the other, no team will be able to contain them. 

Overall, the Browns have done a great job in free agency. They signed a number of defensive players. Their free agency focus seems to mostly be on the secondary with big names like safety John Johnson being signed from the Rams. This free agency strategy is excellent if they plan on going after linebackers in the draft. If they do not pursue linebackers in the draft, their defense may be no better than last year. The Browns really do not need anyone big on offense right now, maybe a WR1. If I was the Browns management, I would get rid of Odell Beckham in a minute. The Browns should get rid of him now and get what they can for him while he still has some value. Odell does nothing but bring the offense down. Since his signing, Odell has only 9 touchdowns with the Browns. Also, Rashard Higgins and Jarvis Landry are both a lot better than Odell when it comes to consistency. All Odell does is cause drama and he should definitely be traded. Overall, the Browns have had a very good free agency so far and after they get linebackers from the draft, they will be a force in the AFC and contenders for the Super Bowl.