More Like Quaran-Streaming! Ranking the Top 5 Streaming Sites


Joseph Kester '23, Edsman Staffer

Covid-19 has no doubt been probably the worst thing to happen to humanity since IHOP started selling hamburgers. With this nasty virus, millions upon billions of people have been forced to quarantine leading to a new rise in popularity with STREAMING PLATFORMS! It seems that streaming platforms are aplenty nowadays with such new arrivals as Peacock, Philo, and DISNEY+. 

In this article, I rate the top streaming platforms based on the categories listed below:

  • Price
  • Content
  • Uniqueness 
    • Including exclusive content only found on that service
  • And lastly, other features or problems that may raise or lower the ranking
    • Buffering
    • Live TV

*Note: I picked all the services included based on recommendations so if I didn’t list a specific platform, I wasn’t recommended it*

5. Disney+

Ah yes, Disney+ something that really screams “I HAVE A TODDLER!!!” Disney+ is a streaming service released on November 12, 2019. When it comes to Disney content, Disney+ quite literally has all of it, ranging from Star Wars: The Clone Wars to more Star Wars to eventually Marvel.

Disney does decent in about most of the categories, it costs $70 annually or $7/mo, its content is o’plenty and in terms of uniqueness it does well because it is slowly coming out with more Disney+ exclusives, but the one thing that makes it the very last is it only has Disney content (Correction, Deadpool isn’t on there. I know, I was also sad). Essentially, if you want to look for anything that isn’t animated or isn’t owned by Disney you have to look elsewhere.

4. Netflix

Netflix: the OG and the longest streaming service ever since your eyes. Netflix has been around for ages and if you were to ignore the dozens of pointless shows on there, there are so many good shows. In terms of exclusive content, due to their long-running, Netflix does amazingly. 

I may have mentioned it earlier, but you probably missed it due to my so many compliments to Netflix, Netflix has many bad shows from Bunk’d to Fuller House to whatever Man with a Plan is. Overall its price is decent, its content is good depending on what you are watching, and there’s not a streaming service like it.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Surprise! Your favorite Christmas movie Die Hard is available on this platform. Amazon Prime video is quite possibly the hardest to rank out of all of these. Because if you have Amazon Prime you have a lot of these movies and TV shows already. The main reason for its placement is the fact that you can watch some of the stuff on the service for free with ads and free is always good. 

In terms of bad qualities, Amazon Prime Video has only two: you need Amazon Prime for most of the content, and for others, you still need to pay regardless.

2. Philo

Philo: the “huh?” of streaming. Philo is a lesser-known streaming service that actually has a lot to offer from live TV to regular streaming and all without having to pay for more money. Essentially it is not too different from other streaming platforms except you can watch some of the stuff live for free.

The only drawback is that it is a bit more expensive and it has a little bit less content. Also, Philo has Comedy Central which is also a reason for its placement.


It is no mistake that Hulu is #1 on this list. It has loads of content and the quality is great. In terms of uniqueness, it isn’t too good with not much exclusive content under its belt. The only flaw I can think of is the fact that in order to get live tv it costs so much.