Is This the Way? A Mandalorian Season 2 Review Series


After a very slow and episodic feel to the first two episodes of Disney’s The Mandalorian, the series finally picked up its pace beginning with episode 3.  Many fans were upset that Season 2’s first pair of inaugural episodes included no true plot or real character development.  However, the last two episodes revealed much more about The Mandalorian’s journey with The Child.  

After dodging a major dilemma in New Republic territory, Mando travels to a nearby planet in order to try and find other Mandalorians.  As told in the previous episodes and season, it has been behest upon The Mandalorian to return The Child to the Jedi, ultimately keeping The Child away from the Empire and First Order.  

Episodes 3 and 4 finally add the depth fans were looking for this season.  These two episodes introduce new characters, while also include The Mandalorian interacting with his old friends from the first season.  Episode 3 and 4 also add insight to the remnants of the Empire and their ultimate goal with The Child.  Overall, both episodes add depth to the plot development and introduce characters that might be very important for the second half of the season.