Is This The Way? A Mandalorian Season 2 Review Series


Season 1 of Disney’s The Mandalorian first premiered in November 2019.  The show’s inaugural season caught many people’s attention, even those who were not diehard Star Wars fans.  The Mandalorian captivated many viewers because of Baby Yoda, the mystique of the Mandalors, the intense action sequences, and overall production.  In short, the whole series consists of  the Mandalorian going on a quest to return The Child to its rightful place by finding other Mandalorians.  

While season 1 contained a plot starting with the first episodes, season 2’s first two episodes have been very episodic thought they did build on each other.  In season 2’s first episodes, the Mandalorian goes on two different quests in order to find other Mandalorians.  However, despite having some success on these quests, he has yet to reach his ultimate goal of finding his fellow Mandalorians and attempting to protect and return The Child.  He comes into trouble in both episodes, almost having near death experiences while demonstrating his purpose, duty, and valor.

Furthermore, some critics were quick to say the first two episodes of The Mandalorian have been disappointing and meaningless.  While the episodes prove to be exhilarating and exciting, season 2’s episodes don’t seem to be wedded to the overall scheme of the plot.  Overall, viewers have high hopes for the series and the following episodes.     

Check out The Mandalorian on Disney+! Season 2 Episode 3 premiers this Friday November 13.

This is The Way.