An Historic NBA Finals In “The Bubble”



Abe Condrich, '22, Edsman Staffer

A historic NBA season came to a close Sunday night with the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Miami Heat 4-2 in the finals. This NBA season was very different to say the least. First, it was played in The Bubble due to coronavirus. It felt weird whenever there was a great play or a player hit a clutch shot because there was no crowd. Moments that would get the crowd on their feet or warrant a roar from them did not exist. The Lakers, led by LeBron James, easily swept through the Western Conference and made it to The Finals.

Miami was more of an underdog story. They came into the playoffs as the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference. They swept the Pacers in the first round then went on to upset the Bucks and the Celtics. The Heat’s stellar play can be attributed to Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Tyler Herro. Herro, just 20 year old rookie, hit clutch threes all throughout the playoffs when the Heat needed him the most.

The Lakers, on the other hand, cruised to The Finals. Led by LeBron James, they eliminated Portland in the first round and then went on to beat the Rockets and the Nuggets. Although many thought that the Lakers would sweep the Heat, the Heat battled and made the series worth watching. The Lakers took an early 2-0 lead and the series looked like it was already over. Then the Heat started to come alive in game 3 behind the stellar play of Jimmy Butler. The Heat won game three but many thought that the Lakers would come back and easily win the next two games. The Lakers would win game four and take a 3-1 lead in the series. The Heat surprised the Lakers and the nation in game five and narrowly won the game. The Heat were a formidable opponent for the #1 ranked Lakers.

In game six, the Lakers not only won, they destroyed the Heat. LeBron James played like he was in his first couple seasons, and Anthony Davis dominated the Heat’s centers and forwards. The rest of the Lakers’ role players all played perfectly and the Lakers unleashed their full potential on the Heat. With this win, the Lakers achieved 17x NBA championships and LeBron got his fourth championship and another Finals MVP.