A Week at the Nest (No. 1)

66259February 10, 2019

Matthew Mistysyn ‘21

In the past week at Saint Edward High School there have been many different events going on. On February 6th, we had signing day, and many of our senior athletes made official their committed partnerships with colleges to pursue their individual athletic and academic careers. On February 10th, the Saint Eds Mothers Club hosted a Mass and brunch for mothers and their sons. The cafeteria was decorated beautifully with a Valentine’s Day theme, and Mass was celebrated elegantly. Also in this past week we welcomed French exchange students who will be staying with us for a few weeks to experience American life and culture. Tomorrow they will visit Niagara Falls! Course scheduling has also begun for the underclassmen, so good luck to all of you on deciding which classes you will take next year! Best of luck to you all and have a good week.