Fire Up Monday


Monday, November 5th, 2018

WOW! What a time to be an Eagle! There is nothing like a Holy War victory against the Wildcats, but a POSTSEASON Holy War victory is something special. In fact, that is the first postseason football victory that the Eagles have ever had over the Wildcats. And what a way to do it! The Wildcats almost tied it up with a 2 point conversion attempt after a 99-yard touchdown drive with about a minute and a half left, but Seamus O’Malley came in clutch with the game-winning sack to keep the score at 21-19.

The Eagle student section was off the charts. Despite having significantly fewer numbers than the Wildcat student section, our Eagles were much louder. Decked in all-white, the Madhouse was fired up all game, and they contributed to the energy of the Eagles on the field. Never have I seen so much excitement and school spirit after Coach Lombardo fired up the team and student section alike in his postgame speech (Check it out from the Madhouse Twitter page here). Even when I got back to the school after the game, the Eagle marching band was still fired up, shouting and cheering in the cold rain.

This win is so big for the whole Eagle community. Over the weekend, I was repping my Eagle football gear; I encountered several people who shouted, “Go Eagles!” and congratulated me on the win. As a senior, I will never forget that game and the energy that I saw among the whole community.

Hopefully, the Eagle football team can use the momentum from this round one win and take it all the way to Canton on November 30th. But, we have to focus on one game at a time. Be at Byers Field this Friday at 7 PM to cheer the Eagles on against Euclid!



~ Jack Loesch ‘19