Top 3 Tech: Tired of your Phone Running out of Battery? Unhappy with your Camera? Solutions Are Here!, by Joey Ferenchak

Are you tired of your phone running out of battery? Are you not happy with your old phone’s camera? You want to upgrade to a modern day phone, but cannot find a budget friendly  option? In this edition of Top 3 Tech, you can find the solutions to all these problems.

1: Longer Battery – Battery Cases.

Want to keep your phone durable and use it hours on end? Try using a battery case. A battery case is what it sounds like. A cell phone case with a additional battery to give your phone more life. Battery cases are compatible for the phones they are manufactured for. However, you should not worry about finding one for your phone. As battery cases have been manufactured for all major phone companies.

2: New Phone – Google Pixel 2

A Google Pixel 2 currently has the best camera than any other phone on the market. The Pixel 2 is manufactured by Google, and runs the latest android operating system. While the Google’s flagship does come in at a heavy price, the eight hundred dollars is worth considering how much we use smartphone cameras today. However, there are budget smartphones that take decent photos.

3: New Budget Phone – Oneplus 5t

The Oneplus 5t is a solid budget phone that takes solid pictures. Coming in at 500 dollars, the 5t is much cheaper than some of the eight hundred or thousand dollar flagship phones. The phone runs on android, and receives frequent updates to improve software and camera experience.