BREAKING: Cleveland Browns Downgraded to XFL (Herbsman)

Three days after the announcement of the return for the XFL, they have already made their first splash. The XFL’s commissioner Vince McMahon has agreed to trade the Memphis Maniax football team to the NFL for the Cleveland Browns. After 18 years of pain and misery, the Browns will move down to a different league in hopes that they can finally put a winning product on the field. While the news may be frustrating for fans, the silver lining is the Browns will no longer be owned by Jimmy Haslam, who will now take over Memphis’ team. The Browns new owner will be 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush, who has experience as an owner after his 1989-1998 experiment with the Texas Rangers will take over effective immediately. The Browns will also lose all their players to Memphis, and will have the 1st pick in the 2020 XFL draft. Included below is a copy of the Browns 2020 XFL Mock draft created by Mel Kiper.


(Round, Pick #) Player Position
(1,1) Jimmer Fredette Kicker
(2,9) Bartolo Colon Center
(3,17) James Duffy Punter/Head Coach
(4,25) Serena Williams Middle Linebacker
(5,33) Jamarcus Russell Quarterback
(6,41) Yao Ming Tight end
(7,49) Usain Bolt Wide receiver
(8,57) Glen “Big Baby” Davis Right Guard
(9,65) Charles Oakley Left Tackle
(10,73) Anderson Varejao Left Guard
(11,81) Shelley Duncan Right Tackle
(12,89) Nate Robinson Running back
(13,97) Thad Castle Left outside linebacker
(14,105) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Right outside linebacker
(15,113) Bobby Boucher Jr. Strong Safety
(16,121) Peter Dinklage Defensive tackle
(17,129) Ice Cube Defensive End
(18,137) Charlie Sheen Defensive end
(19,145) Air Bud Free safety
(20,153) Wile E. Coyote Cornerback
(21,161) The Roadrunner Cornerback
(22,169) Jack Black Fullback