A Tribute to Mr. Bodle

This holiday season, we should take some time to remember Mr. (Professor) Bodle, a former math teacher and freshman basketball coach at Saint Edward  High School. Professor Bodle is now retired after years of work at Saint Ed’s. He informed the hearts and minds of the Saint Edward community through determination and hard work. Opposing teams were afraid to step on the court against the Eagles while Bodle was coach. “The Professor” always had a trick up his sleeve to put his team a step ahead of opponents. As a teacher, Mr.Bodle made class fun and memorable. The greatest advice given by Mr.Bodle was to “salve and evalve.” Mr. Bodle is now a substitute teacher at Saint Ed’s, if you see him in the halls, thank him for his service.Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 12.58.56 PM