HERBSMAN. Ambulance at St. Ed’s: Freshman Glues Seniors’s Facial Hair to Face, by: Rami Moussa ’19

Last Thursday an ambulance was called to St. Edward High School. Thirty days into “No Shave November,” one freshman student had barely grown any facial hair. He spoke with some of his friends and discussed his prospects of winning the category of “best beard.” He found a senior with a fully grown beard and offered him fifty dollars. The senior quickly took the offer and shaved his facial hair off, putting it in a little ziploc bag. The freshman paid the senior then borrowed some glue from Mrs. King’s room. He then glued the hair in strands onto his face along his cheeks, chin, and sideburns. Upon looking at himself in the mirror he realized that his facial hair was a very different color than that of his real hair, looking artificial. He tugged on one strand and was unable to remove it. While he tried to find a solution, some teachers caught wind of the situation and called an ambulance. The freshman lay down in the ambulance and drifted off, with the glued hair on his face. He was woken up after one EMT tugged hardly on his cheek. The ambulance drove away and the freshman returned the next day with red checks and a nasty scar.