Jets’ Record Proves Browns’ Real Issue is Culture, by: Jared Ashdown

“Are the Jets destined for 0-16?” “The Jets are going 0-16…and that’s perfect.” “The jets are bad, but are they 0-16 bad?” The New York Jets in the offseason released quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, wide receivers Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall, and several other core players. After a 5-11 season, the Jets had no clear direction and decided to strip the whole team down, leaving questions of whether or not they would go 0-16. The Browns on the other hand had 3 first round picks, including the first overall pick. Fans in Cleveland thought the team had the tools to improve to a 4-12 or 5-11 record with much promise ahead. Currently the Jets are 4-6 while the Browns are 0-9. To me and many others, individual talent favors the Browns more than the Jets, so why are the Jets 4-6 while the Browns are 0-9? Culture. Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins pinpointed the new Jets culture as to why they have improved despite losing significant amounts of talent. Meanwhile, the Browns are still a major dumpster fire of an organization that can’t do anything correct. I know Browns fans don’t want to reboot this puppy again, but honestly they have no choice. If the Browns want to create any type of culture change, they have to get rid of everybody. Literally, everybody. Even the front desk person in Berea has to go. The whole front office and every coach must be fired. After that, they need to cut locker room cancers like Kenny Britt. Forget about analytics and forget about the eye test, the Browns have to bring in a new regime that is completely on the same page and can also evaluate legitimate football talent (cough cough Peyton Manning) so the team can actually build something decent. Until then, this team is a total dumpster fire and I promise you that you’re wasting your time and money if you do anything involving this incompetent (which isn’t even a harsh enough word) franchise. They are horrible, and the fans can’t take this any longer. People who buy tickets to this garbage are only making it okay for this franchise to stink. Please boycott all Browns games and activities. NOW.