Hot Wingz Review, by: Brendan Connaughton ’18

Hot Wingz is a St. Edward take on the online series “Hot Ones” hosted by Sean Evans. It features St. Edward teachers being interviewed by student Rashaad Bacchus over spicy chicken wings. There are currently four episodes that can be found on the SEHSFilmStudies Vimeo page which each feature a different teacher being questioned as they react to a spicier sauce each time.

“Hot Wingz” episodes contain funny questions, unique advice from teachers, and a plate full of hot wings. The wings get hotter after every question, and the questions get more interesting. There is nothing better than watching your teachers struggle under the heat and try to give a straight answer during a rapid fire interview. Rashaad seems to come out unscathed almost every time while some teachers are able to hold their composure and others crack.

These episodes are filmed on a small set in St. Edward High School. The film department does a great job of shooting and editing these interviews, and Rashaad does an excellent job of hosting. It’s a hilarious series, and I can’t wait to see what teachers will make the mistake of going on the show next.

The best episode so far is episode two featuring Mr. Barrett. He handles the hot sauce worse than anyone else on the show, and his responses to Rashaad’s questions are priceless. He gives some great advice from his experience, the best being “Don’t grow your hair out and only have a mustache, because it looks really weird”. This episode provides great conversation, and funny reactions between the two, and a special touch of great editing.

Rating 9.5 / 10