Sportsman Club Under Debate, by: Rami Moussa ’19, Editor-in-Chief

The St. Edward Sportsman Club was recently restricted from participating in practicing firearm safety by the administration. The club, which was formed back in May 2017 with moderator Mr. J.C. Froelich, had the intention of “learning about firearm safety and responsibility,” involved the discussion of proper firearm usage and safety, within the terms of federal, Local, and State legislature.

Along with community period meetings, club members planned to meet at the North Olmsted Sportsman’s Club for practice on a monthly basis. The organization provided funding and support for the club. Despite the overall success of the club, there was a major concern of the association between firearm usage and high school students, with several people worried for the safety and well being of the general student body.

Principal James Reed discussed the topic, agreeing that it is important that the St. Edward community understands the need for safety in such subjects, saying however that active participation would be a risk to the security and safety of the school and its community. The topic of firearm usage is a sensitive one, especially as it relates to youth and high schools. In such the association of guns to schools is often opposed to promote the safety and well being of students to prevent any possible incidents. At Cleveland Heights alone, two students brought guns to school, in March 2016 and May 2017. To prevent such an event and prevent the risk of occurrence within our community, the administration ruled that the club could not meet at the range under the auspices of the school, just before their first meeting this school year. No other restrictions were put on the club, as it still meets during community period A.

Black and white, Close up of a shooting target and bullseye withAlthough their extracurricular activities were limited, the club continues to grow with hopes for the future to continue educating students how to promote safety for their own good and for the good of all. They plan on hosting a Townhall discussion centered around the Second Amendment in the near future. The topic of firearm usage has been discussed passionately for years and will continue to be discussed for years to come, however in the meantime St. Edward chooses to prevent the possibility of issues involving the subject and to cease its association with the school.