“1 in 113 Billion” by Connor Starowesky ’20

For 1/60th of a second everything is perfect.  

This is how I will remember this day in 60 years,

When I look back, 1,890,000,000 seconds from now at this piece of paper.  

I won’t remember the fight I got in or the words I said to my mom.  

I won’t remember how I felt that day, all I will remember is what I captured in that picture.  

There are 86,400 seconds in 1 day.

I will remember 1/60th of 1 of those seconds.  

In 60 years I will remember the perfect 1/60th of 1/1,890,000,000 seconds

Which is 1/113,400,000,000 of my life.

My camera will have only captured that 1 in 113 billion moments of my life in that picture

But it will add up.  

I have taken more than one picture, I will take more,

Maybe someday, maybe in 1,890,000,000 seconds,

I will be able to get more of my life back.